Friday, June 28, 2013

Back In Dallas ~ Boo!

I am in love!
That may sound like a crazy expression to just throw out there but it's the truth!
I am in love with a man who is simply complicating!
Yes, I said it and I mean it but I love him.
Truth is I've always loved him, since the very first day that we spoke a single word to one another.
Together we have managed to put one another through hell and back and yet we are here today, still loving one another. 
He finally got a day off and is finally out of Oklahoma
but I am in Dallas and he is close to Austin...for now.

Tulsa the 2nd time was a little different than Tulsa the first time. 
To some it may seem boring to stay up all night while your love is at work only to sleep next to him all day long but if you get it, you get it. Just to touch him, feel his warmth next to me, to watch him breathing, to hear his voice, to spend 5 minutes with him, it was worth it. We did manage to hit the casino where we both did well one day and only Joseph did well the 2nd day. We also made it to the park. Here are some photos from Tulsa X 2.

 And I want to know why my own local Walmart here in Texas doesn't have stuff like this?

 Yep, sitting in the car taking pictures of myself and the car...why you ask?

Because my love runs on CPT and ALWAYS makes us late for everything!

 From here to the end are photos taken via Joseph. He had fun learning how to use the camera.

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